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JULY 2021
JULY 15th 2021

Such an Honour to be invited to the grand launch of the Fellowship Square today - it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the event, the entertain

ment and the tour inside the council building ...

Thank you London Borough of Waltham Forest ..

JULY 9TH 2021

Food parcels ready to be collected including Lateral Flow Test kits and flyers with information

JUNE 2021
may 30th 2021

A MASSIVE Thanks to you both for all you have done for our charity and others and for all those people for paying off by literally blowing up their pay loan debts

The PREMIER was an AMAZING evening..

When I first received an email from Daniel Edelstyn and Hilary Powell a few years ago about their plans, their GIGANTIC Ambition, I thought my emails had been hacked, here is someone offering something that 'one' could not even dream about and wanting to give our charity some money in the process ..seriously!!


I thought this was a way of getting money from us .....BUT the TRUTH of it all was, that it was not a con, it was 100% LEGIT!!


I won't say anymore, as you can find out more from Dan and Hilary

"Bank Job Film reveals how a community in Walthamstow came together to create their own currency ... and blow up more than £1million of debt"

Dan and Hilary have started on another great project, please do follow them on ther socail media platforms and support them"

may 24th 2021

Honoured to be asked to be a part of this AMAZING muriel by artist Eleanor Hill, created as part of the the Making Places scheme to deliver creative projects in our wonderful borough.

may 13th 2021

Collectively we can do it!!!

may 12th 2021

As we leave the blessed month of Ramadan to a new day, we distributed Eid food parcels and lots of PRESENTS!! to all who access PL84U AL-SUFFA food bank, we made sure that everyone had special food to enjoy the celebrations during another lock down when families are not able to gather.


Farzana Kadri, Sugar Whatson, Averil Pooten Watan, Glynis Ford, Naseem, Aston Groups, Morgan Syndell Group, Farrah, Farrah, Sabah, Mumtaz, Zainab & team (friends from North London) Sr. Talat, Erhan, Aftab & Family, Anjum, Sabah & family, Hannah, Rani, Alex, Sobia, Themaksfoundation, WF Lions Club and LBWF

Sabi & family, Affy Rasheed, Ishraq, Wanis and not forgetting

ALL the TEAM MEMBERS that make this happen!!!

Special appearance by Sugar Whatson the Teddy bear

Eid Mubarak May 2021







may 1st 2021

Last Week we delivered mouthwatering burger meals to the staff at the vaccination centre in Walthamstow Library, and had some too for Iftar!! THANKS Bim's UK for the meals

London Borough of Waltham Forest



April 30th 2021

A GREAT article by WF Echo showcasing his AMAZING creations of the Mini Food Banks (MFB) by Sean Rodrigo

Pick up you free copy at PL84U AL-SUFFA food bank

@14th Walthamstow Scouts group on Wood Street, E17

April 26th 2021

A MASSIVE THANKS to Aston Groups, for the AMAZING donations of toys for our Eid Parcels distributions ..



April 24th 2021