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The current situation of COVID-19 pandemic means that some of East London’s most vulnerable residents and rough sleepers are at serious risk of contracting the virus. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, we have experienced increased demand for our services as it begins to affect the local community and economy, with many at risk of losing their income and homes. During this tough time, we are still providing food parcels to families in-need / in isolation.

We currently run a food bank that operates 3 days a week! (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) 

During our services, we provide our guests with food, clothes & everything else that you would need. We serve over 300+ guests weekly to provide them with them with the necessities for the rest of the week.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our services mentioned below are on hold.

We provide hot meals and companionship to the elderly, homeless, people in need (from faith and non-faith groups) bringing together diverse communities facing hardship.


We’re living in conditions of imposed austerity, cultural deprivation and isolation. By partnering with institutions such as Fareshare, The North East London Pharmaceutical committee (NEL LPC), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Tesco and Muslim Aid, just to name a few.   We are able to provide:

  • Hot meals

  • Companionship

  • Food / Clothes Bank

  • Sleeping bags and keep warm kits

  • Recreational facilities

  • Free haircuts

  • Pedicures / Manicures

  • Health and hygiene kits 

  • Signposting guests to relevant organisations

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In 2013, my family and I set up Pl84U Al-Suffa to address all of the above issues in our community. We have had approximately 11,000 service users over 5 years, whom we call guests in order to show respect and give them the dignity they deserve.

We run our service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at local venues. Our previous partners have been Near Neighbours and Muslim Aid who have funded us, as well as Fare Share who have given us items in kind. We work with the above and various other local businesses, communities and volunteers to provide:

  • A hot nutritious meal, balanced with meat and vegetable options. This is available, twice a month all year round and during the summer we have an increased up take of families in need, whose children are eligible for Free School Meals, and yet there is no provision for this outside of term time.

  • These meals and our PL84U Al-Suffa sessions are open to every single one of our guests, with no ID or paperwork necessary, including those who have no recourse to public funds. Often this group of people need it the most.

  • We allocate approximately 5 hours of designated time for our volunteers to engage with our guests in conversation, games, table tennis and other activities that help build strong relationships and understanding.

  • All members of our community are welcomed, from all faiths and none, with no judgement or discrimination. By breaking bread together, sharing a meal and our time we create a family-like atmosphere, and break down barriers to provide a safe haven.

  • We also provide a free clothes bank which is comprised of donations from our local community, and fills a gap in the service provision for those in need.

  • We also endeavor to provide a one-stop-shop that offers all the services necessary for someone in need, under one roof. This includes pampering sessions, where members of the local community or businesses offer manicures, pedicures and facials for our guests. These sessions are vital in order to maintain personal hygiene and improve overall self-worth. We have also partnered with Haircuts 4 Homeless to provide free haircuts, National Cricket League & Essex Cricket Club to offer sports opportunities, and North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee (NELLPC) to provide free health checks and vaccinations (flu jabs).

First & Third Sunday:



14th Walthamstow Scouts Group


205a Wood St, Walthamstow, London E17 3NU

Our location on the third Sunday of every month

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